Home for the Holidays?

Most people place a great deal of significance and meaning on the holidays.  Others try to ignore them completely. Please take a moment to read about and then pay attention to some of the challenges and opportunities of the holidays.  In spite of old family dynamics, it is an opportunity for love and relationship with our friends, families and communities. 

Your Perfect Life?

As a successful individual, you have a unique set of problems and consequences in your life.  If you do not address these, you end up with a circular experience where you are revisiting places on a predictable cycle year after year.  Not bad, but not your best.  Better than most, so you keep doing it.

Being Vs Doing

A client asked me if I could elaborate on the difference of "Being" vs. "Doing". Doing without being is just busy activity.  Most people react to this by procrastination and laziness or waiting till the last minute and then cramming.  

The other reaction to doing for the sake of doing is cramming and grinding.  This is doing three more things before you leave for your appointment in 9 minutes and then making yourself late.  It's making a list of 27 things you HAVE to do today and then no matter how many you do, you are still not satisfied and here comes tomorrow with another 27 things PLUS the leftovers from today