What we do

At the core, what we do is guide you to a state of being where you experience deep joy, satisfaction and new wisdom in your life. 



The theory and methodology that enables you to observe and work constructively with three essential domains of human existence — language, emotions and body — as a means for supporting you to develop important new perspectives that generate more effective actions and results

What this means is to work with the nature of being rather than simply doing. There is a new intention in being. From being present and aware of the Self, you will notice time expanding and contracting.  Time becomes a resource you use to support your passion, joy, wisdom, knowledge and confidence as you move powerfully forward, or NOT.  

Either way, you are being in the moment, appropriate to what is occurring around you and making choices that serve you, your wellbeing, your values and your fundamental operating principles.  

In the end, doing without being is, and only ever can be, activity.  

But being and then doing brings a deeply satisfying experience of life.  


Our Services

1-on-1 Consulting

Our clients each receive a customized program based on their projects. Each client program is unique as they discover their individual path to opportunity and flow.

Ideally, we will work with you in 6 to 12 month periods. When you fully devote yourself, this will ensure the most profound shift in your life. You will have access to us throughout the week for questions, coaching, as well as a regularly scheduled call or meeting to progress through your custom curriculum. 


One-on-one sessions

  • In person, video or on the phone (I'm in the Bay Area, California)
  • 30-90 min sessions weekly for 6-12 months.
  • Consulting, coaching, training, accountability and support. 
  • Fully custom and personalized program to meet your individual needs.
  • Empowerment, clarity, vision and actionable steps towards results.  

Group Work

Groups are invited into an exciting conversation that leads to authenticity and a group dynamic of sustained connection and communication.  As you move to a higher state of being, your sense of humor returns and your desire to serve and support others is real and moving.

The individuals in the group have insight and wisdom to share, and this new presence provides accountability and gives other members of the group the courage to move forward.  You will become part a community focused on living life to the fullest and being your highest and best selves. You will commit to practicing excellence, setting an example for others to follow.  


Group Sessions

  • Training, coaching, consulting, leadership & sales training.  
  • Workshops of 4-24, and seminars of 25+.
  • Half-day/full-day workshops to week-long immersions. 

How we will work with you


We will guide you to being present and in action to
discover what is next in your life.