"Working with Hans is working with a powerhouse.

When I first engaged with Hans I was under an inordinate amount of stress. His insights, skills and wisdom into me and my patterns were like a lifeline. 

He helped me navigate the transition of the opening of my consulting firm with great power and speed. Working with Hans is helping me be true to myself and bring a whole new level of joy and satisfaction to my life. 

I count myself fortunate to have our paths cross."

~ Carolyn Paris  |  Carolyn Paris Consulting  |  April 2016


"The most difficult time in my life blown open after just one session"


"When I approached Hans several months ago my life was in turmoil. Several former clients owed me money, I was in a new and challenging position with a new company/investor, I had just moved between Europe and the US, I had ultra high stress levels, my wife and I recently had a miscarriage, and all of a sudden my wife and I were going through a tough separation. 

Negativity was escalating and the future looked difficult and dire. Suffice to say, I was going through the toughest time of my life. I was completely ambushed by this fallout. I really thought I had it all figured out and I was in control. I did not see the pattern in my life. I did not see my wife going through the toughest time of her life. I did not see that I was attracting these negative events.

In the first session, Hans was able to blow the doors off of my perception of life and the events that had transgressed. He fundamentally changed the way I think about the world and taught me how to take responsibility for my actions and the pattern of my life. He didn't care about specifics. He was immediately able to get to the meat of the situation unlike anyone I have encountered before. Those closest to me, including my family, were not even remotely able to dissect reality in the life-changing manner that Hans succeeded with; although great people, their advice was laden with personal bias. Hans works with examples and models that are not only believable--but ring true whenever I need to make an important decision. Through Hans' direction, I was able to begin living from an empowered position in life, rather than out of fear and negativity. I was shocked at how I had come to view and deal with life in the last 10 years and Hans was able to bring back the joy I had formerly lived with when I was young.


With Hans' direction as my adviser, I have been able to attract immense success in work, the owed money from past clients, joy in my current living situation, and most importantly I was not only able to attract my wife back, but we are stronger and more solid than ever with an increased respect and understanding for each other. The incredible thing is that this success did not happen over the course of months or years. Rather after my first session with Hans he undid the convictions I held to be true, and I had several basic tools to begin making empowered decisions. The positive changes in my life were immediate, and my marriage was back together in a matter of weeks. As Hans and I continue I am arming myself with more powerful tools every week, which are leading to more empowerment. Hans was able to direct me in the path of a total transformation in the way I think, live, work, and play. This transformation in the way I think has opened up a world of possibility and I am currently underway with the largest entrepreneurial venture I have ever embarked on.

I wholeheartedly believe that our very first session was worth the entire retainer for our project and all the rest of the sessions are a bonus. Every week I am interested in what positive events I can attract into my life while working with Hans.

I was a former skeptic, but I was willing to attempt working together based on the direction my life was going. Now it is not a matter of turning my life around, it is a matter of optimizing my success and unlocking even more potential.

Hans is worth his weight in gold."


The positive changes in my life were immediate, and my marriage was back together in a matter of weeks.


"Absolute requirement for success."


"I've been involved in transformational work for over 25 years. 

Hans is one of the absolute best consultants I've ever had the pleasure to work with. I'm working on, and removing barriers I didn't know I have.

We're creating work-ability in both personal and business relationships. 

In short... Hans is causing me to move forward in life with greater speed and power! I'm all in..."

~Von Raees  |  Serial Entrepreneur  |  March 2016


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