We are consultants for people who have achieved a high level of success and are faced with that nagging question,
“Now what?”


The challenges you face in your day-to-day life - be it people, productivity, communication, envisioning what's next - they usually come down to a handful of core factors in your life. Through a proven transformational approach with a focus on sustainable high performance, We will assist you in executing a fundamental shift in your mindset, leading to higher quality actions, and achieving extraordinary results. 

When you show up and fully commit, you will experience a re-injection of satisfaction, fun, joy and empowerment in your life. You'll invite in an entirely new and consistent wellspring of freedom and wisdom to draw from. 



Hans Phillips

High Performance Consultant

For over 25 years, I have provided consulting, training and coaching for achievement-oriented clients worldwide. I support people to discover permanent solutions to long-term challenges.  With a focus on sustainable high performance, my goal is to transform your mindset, your actions and your results.

The consulting I do is rooted in Ontology & Phenomenology. In simpler terms, it’s the pursuit and the achievement of an effortless state of being. This is something that has slipped away from many high functioning and successful entrepreneurs and business people. The culture of achievement has all but stamped out this most critical of human experiences. Introducing more being into your life will prove to be one of the greatest investments you will ever make. 

I also specialize in helping my clients create new avenues of communication and authenticity as well as creating new velocity in their projects.  Using proven processes, methods, and best practices from consulting, leadership training and executive coaching, my clients get high levels of satisfaction, enthusiasm, focus, and effectiveness. 

Could you use some new and consistent wisdom, insight and direction in your life?
Would you like to be fulfilled and in action on your inspiring future each day?

Jennifer Acosta


For over 10 years, Jenn has assisted people to connect to their purpose and passion, reconnect with themselves and find what truly ignites them. Through integrating a wide base of knowledge and certifications including Ontological Alignment Coaching, Yoga Teaching, Birth Doula, Energy Worker, Massage Therapist and Healing modalities she has a wealth of knowledge of the human mind, body and energy. 

With an unrivaled passion of working with highly committed people, clients lead a life charged up, leveled up and on fire. Prepare to overcome limiting beliefs, shatter personal bests and generate empowering results.

Together we can get you to the life you desire whether that is to be thriving financially, in positive and connecting relationships, creating brilliance in areas of life that were once too hard or neglected or all of the above.