Being Vs Doing

A client asked me if I could elaborate on the difference of "Being" vs. "Doing". 

Doing without being is just busy activity.  Most people react to this by procrastination and laziness or waiting till the last minute and then cramming.  

The other reaction to doing for the sake of doing is cramming and grinding.  This is doing three more things before you leave for your appointment in 9 minutes and then making yourself late.  It's making a list of 27 things you HAVE to do today and then no matter how many you do, you are still not satisfied and here comes tomorrow with another 27 things PLUS the leftovers from today.  

The 'do-aholics' get their egos fed and feel superior, but they are not happy and they are still doing, even when they are on vacation.  All their self worth comes from the doing, so there is no sense of self without some activity.  A 'do nothing' vacation?  What's that?!  So without a sense of self, a sense of purpose, a balance of being and THEN doing, it is all for nothing.  The lists go on forever.  Life is a thankless job.  Or time is our enemy as we waste it and then cram stuff in at the last minute.  

In contrast, from being present and aware of the Self, we notice time expanding and contracting. Time becomes a resource we use to support our passion, joy, wisdom, knowledge and confidence as we move powerfully forward, or NOT.  

Either way, we are being in the moment, appropriate to what is occurring around us and making choices that serve us, our well being, our values and our fundamental operating principles.  In the end, doing without being is and only ever can be just action.  

But being and then doing can be a deeply satisfying and connecting experience bringing joy, satisfaction and fun to life and business.