Your Perfect Life?

As a successful individual, you have a unique set of problems and consequences in your life.  If you do not address these, you end up with a circular experience where you are revisiting places on a predictable cycle year after year.  Not bad, but not your best.  Better than most, so you keep doing it.
Life is a series of plateaus where you are invited to the next level of awareness, insight and experience as you go.  But you have to choose to accept the invitation.  You can ignore the invitation and stay where you are. Many people do.  They get to a place that looks good/feels good and they stop. This leads to boredom, chaos/drama, ego/control, sadness/anger and more.  Ultimately, it becomes a life of inactivity and reaction, vs. inspiration and responsibility.  You are ‘making’ life interesting vs. exploring the infinitely interesting opportunity of life. 
Is a perfect life possible?  There are lots of people seeking it.  You have many of the resources, skills and knowledge to seemingly make perfect happen.  But perfection is defined as ‘without flaws’.  That is not possible for any length of time for people.  Our process is one where we go from mastery to student as we step up to the next plateau, whether personally or professionally.  

You may notice that the humility, grace and gratitude in that transition is in short supply with many of your peers. 
Consider personal excellence as a life long foundation.  Excellence is defined as ‘your best effort’.  From here, you create a foundation in your life that gives you access to your personal best on a consistent basis.  Most people don’t do this because they have accomplished so much from ego, control and the force of their will.  But those resources are limited in their effectiveness (and you can hide the fact of those limitations from yourself for an entire lifetime, if you choose to).  What is an unlimited source of results?  Where does an infinite amount of energy and inspiration come from?
Here are the core pieces to focus on to create a solid foundation to explore an extraordinary life and business from:

  • Self Care: A program of items you take care of on a daily basis that leads to a sense of overall wellbeing, resilience, power and pleasure in life.
  • Integrity: Paying attention to any areas where you are ‘leaking’ energy and attention to detail.  Completing things in an excellent manner as a habit. 
  • Excellence: Preparing yourself to do your best.  Practicing, using resources, delegating, gaining new skill and knowledge and then performing at your highest level.  Taking the time to recharge so you can do this again and again from a place of enthusiasm, freedom and appreciation. 
  • Self-Management: This includes managing yourself emotionally, mentally, physically and financially at an excellent level daily.  This also includes diminishing your self destructive, self-sabotaging, compulsive, addictive behaviors to an absolute minimum.
  • Sex/Love/Intimacy: Exploring ever-deeper levels with yourself, your mate and your community.  Realizing that relationship is all you will leave behind and working to have them as extraordinary as possible is what there is to do.  Being responsible and related.
  • Time: Learning to expand and contract time and your experience of time.  Creating a relationship to time that is empowering and workable for you and the people around you.  Demonstrating balance.
  • Money: Seeing money as an exchange of energy.  Designing a relationship to money that serves you and others.  Knowing that it is a useful tool that can wound if misused.  Wise management.  

No matter how successful you are most people do not have solidity and reliability in all of the above areas.  They make do or settle with some of it in place.  That works, but it is not excellence.

There is a lack of peace, calm and power.  Joy is missing from what is only a partial experience of your self and your life.
Imagine for a moment if you were excellent and fit in all of the areas. 

  • Who would you be? 
  • What would you do?  
  • What would you have?
  • What are the consequences all of this would create?