Chasing The Dysfunctional Dollar...

Is it happening now?  Are you staying at a job 'just for the money.'  Or did you just leave a place where it was happening?  You couldn't put up with the B.S. anymore and you 'just had to leave.'  Dysfunction is defined as abnormality or impairment of function.  Is work hard and frustrating?  Or boring and slow?  Are the people around you procrastinators, workaholics or perfectionists?  Are you just going through the motions?  Would you do what you are doing for work for free?

Most people make some sort of sacrifice for money.  But does that sacrifice create real value?  Was the message your received from your family about your worth and what money means healthy or not?  That's the source of work and money for most of us and we don't even know it!  One of the major problems is so many of us have been trained that we have to endure something in our work to make money. And many of us have heard and ignored the time worn phrase, 'Do what you love and the money will follow.'  And then gone back to our J.O.B.  We are mostly too busy to pursue any of your dreams.  What is the cost of our fear based relationship to time, money and work?  Is it worth it?  Many of us feel like we don't have a choice.  And, the normal dynamics reflect how we were raised, so it's "just the way things are."  

It takes a pretty big shift to create a new view of life/work/money.  Where does this shift come from?  Is it the mind?  Is it our emotions?  Is it a new job?  Notice you have been able to recreate the dynamics from one job to the next.  People gossip.  “The boss doesn't like me.  My manager is hitting on me.  My work is exhausting.  My work is mindless but I have to do it.  People are stupid.  I'm going to get found out."  Most people aren't able to see that they are the constant in their relationship to money and work.  It will take a near life or near death experience to get them to shift once and for all.  But do we need to wait for one of these major life events to begin this reinvention?  Or, can we begin to get the tools, processes and new information that will have us making different choices. And then what about all the new consequences there are to deal with when we let the old dynamics go!  It's a lot to deal with either way, so why change?  For most of us, our past creates our present.  What we know and how we know it reveals a specific set of choices.  And we make them.  It is challenging to see anything else, whether you are working your first minimum wage job or you are a highly paid executive.  We have a set of values, beliefs and operating principles that support and limit us.  

The mind and heart want more.  We want to be excellent.  We want to be authentic.  We want to be on a thriving team of people we like and admire.  How to create this?  It begins with a bold vision.  And writing it down is an important step.  Keeping it in your head with all the other thoughts leads to nothing mostly.  You may have a happy accident, but how would you repeat it?  The vision then leads to an action plan.  Awareness, without action attached, is almost useless.  So take action NOW.  You will need to take great care of your well being on this journey to the unknown, because you will be challenged and tested on all levels.  The higher your well being, the better/faster choices you will make.  And the more you will enjoy the process.  Change is not easy.  But it is possible.  Put in some rewards for milestones you achieve.  Make sure you take the time to reward yourself each time you hit the mark.  Get a guide with some experience to mentor you.  There really is no need to do this alone.  Your 'next level of new normal' is out there.  The only question is, will you go get it?